Coast Point, Encinitas Real Estate

Coast Point, Encinitas, San Diego

West of 5!  These 32 units were built in 1989 to take advantage of the ocean views from this bluff.  Many locals argue over the proper borders of Encinitas and Leucadia. (Please email me if you have an opinion!)  I list everything north of Leucadia Blvd. as Leucadia.  Please note that Leucadia is not a city.  It is the city of Encinitas.  Leucadia is an area within Encinitas.  However, it will be a city someday and has a distinct feel North of Leucadia Blvd.  Coast Point is in an area South of Leucadia Blvd but has a Leucadia feel.  The important thing is that this complex is a very special mix of what feels like Encinitas and what feels like Leucadia.  You have gorgeous ocean views and architecture and design that is more modern than what you typically see in this area.  Most of the units at Coast Point have private patios.  A great place to call home!

Coast Point Amenities

  • Spa/Hot Tub
  • Recreation Area
  • 2 Car Garage
  • West of 5
  • Panoramic Ocean Views
  • Private Patios

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